Aforementioned Productions, interview by Carissa Halston and Randolph Pfaff

Topics include: Barrelhouse, Barrelhouse Presents, if I am a love poet.

Artifice, interview by James Tadd Adcox

Topics include: Zombie apocalypse, cannibalism, the difference between having life and being alive.

The Conversant, in conversation with Elaine Bleakney

Topics include: Elaine Bleakney, Eugene Leroy, complicating yourself, personal poems.

FUSE, interview by Danielle Boyd and Aubrey Johnson

Topics include: Barrelhouse, editing, advice for young editors.

H_NGM_N, interview by Nate Pritts

Topics include: Advice from my dad, Leroy Sequences, living in DC.

The Head & the Hand Press, interview by Nic Esposito

Topics include: Barrelhouse, the business of publishing a literary magazine, punching out Tolkien.

HTML Giant, interview by Adam Robinson

Topics include: Justin Marks, small press publishing, distribution, ambition.

HTML Giant, interview by Roxane Gay

Topics include: Local literary scenes, community building, DC, social media, saying no.

National Endowment for the Arts, interview by Paulette Beete

Topics include: Favorite poets, what kind of poem am I, Allen Ginsberg, William Carlos Williams.

New Books in Poetry, interview by Jen Fitzgerald

Topics include: Eugene Leroy, cubism, “Cabin Fever.”

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