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“Love Thy Neighbor: The Value of Regional Writers Conferences” (Real Pants)
“Poems for Profit” (NPM Daily)
“How and Why Barrelhouse Pays Poets” (Poetry Has Value)


Aforementioned Productions, interview by Carissa Halston and Randolph Pfaff
Topics include: Barrelhouse, love poetry

Artifice, interview by James Tadd Adcox
Topics include: Zombie apocalypse, the difference between having life and being alive

The Conversant, in conversation with Elaine Bleakney
Topics include: Elaine Bleakney, Eugene Leroy, complicating yourself, personal poems

FUSE, interview by Danielle Boyd and Aubrey Johnson
Topics include: Barrelhouse, editing, advice for young editors

HTML Giant, interview by Adam Robinson
Topics include: Justin Marks, small press publishing, distribution, ambition

HTML Giant, interview by Roxane Gay
Topics include: Local literary scenes, community building, DC, social media, saying no.

National Endowment for the Arts, interview by Paulette Beete
Topics include: Favorite poets, what kind of poem am I, Allen Ginsberg, William Carlos Williams


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