Barrelhouse is an independent non-profit literary magazine and small press that seeks to bridge the gap between serious art and pop culture. I’m the poetry editor there. Work that originally appeared in Barrelhouse has been featured in Best American Nonrequired Reading, Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the Million Writer’s Award. The magazine is nationally distributed to bookstores, big and small.

Conversations and Connections

Conversations and Connections is a one-day writer’s conference that brings together writers, editors, and publishers in a friendly, supportive environment. The conference is organized by Barrelhouse magazine, and has been held for the past 8 years in DC, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. All proceeds go to participating small presses and literary magazines.

DC Lit

DC Lit is a Facebook Group which aims to connect people to all the events, magazines, presses, readings, workshops, and communities of writers and readers that the DC-area has to offer.

American Poets

American Poets is published by the Academy of American Poets. I was the editor of the magazine from 2005-2007. The publication’s aim, like the aim of all Academy programs, is to provide a panorama of the contemporary poetic landscape.

The NEA’s Big Read

The Big Read is a program of the National Endowment for the Arts designed to restore reading to the center of American culture through competitive grants to support innovative reading programs in selected communities.

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