I’ve written a lot of reviews over the years. From 2005-2010, Barrelhouse hosted a regular feature called “Growler Poetry Reviews,” which reviewed debut collections of poetry. Most of those reviews were lost in the great Barrelhouse site hacking of 2011, but here’s one of A Million in Prizes by Justin Marks. Another review I’m pretty proud of is “A Vocabulary of Alarm” at the Lit Pub looking at Emily Pettit’s Goat in the Snow.

Commentary on Non-profit Poetry Publishing

“Sea Change: The Wave Poetry Bus Tour with Notes toward the Survival of the Species” is an essay that looks at the -re-emergence and importance of book tours among independent publishers and their authors, published on Post No Ills.

“Love Thy Neighbor: The Value of Regional Writers Conferences” was published by Real Pants, offering a more personal and friendly alternative to AWP.

“Poems for Profit” considers the differences and similarities between for-profit and not-for-profit poetry publishers and whether or not that has any impact on who publishes the best books.

“How and Why Barrelhouse Pays Poets” is a part of Jessica Piazza’s awesome Poetry Has Value project. In this post, I describe Barrelhouse’s funding model and placing a priority on paying writers.



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